ZeroLemon User Program


How to Join:

  1. Click “Sign up for free” and complete the application.
  2. You will be contacted after the application submission and we will send the new product to you.
  3. You will have 15 days to try out, then provide us feedback and write your review on

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who is eligible to review for the user program?

    The user who currently reside in the U.S, and also has an existing (US server) account.

    2. What happens next after I apply?

    Our team will be contacting you and give you more information. Please be reminded that the user program has limited spots. We will choose our users base on their internet influence, such as active online blogging and posting.

    3. How can I increase my chance of being selected?

    You can increase your chance of being picked by becoming an active user of social media, youtube, blogs, and electronic products forums. If you have purchased Zerolemon products before and left a detailed review in our product review section, this will also help to increase your chance of being selected. If you fulfilled the above area/areas please let us know in your application.

    4. What kinds of products are offered?

    Zerolemon offers various kinds of products for users to review. All the products offered are new products are already out in the market. We will be our first batch of users to try out the products and give us unbiased comments and opinions. So your feedback and opinions will help us to improve our products in the near future.

    5. Is my information safe with Zerolemon User Program?

    The information provided to the Zerolemon User Program is only for internal use only. We will not disclose your personal information to third-parties. Your emails will not be added to any mailing list.

    6. Do I get to choose the product to be tried out?

    Yes, you can. Don’t’ worry if you are not interested in the product on the offering list. We will constantly update our list. Alternatively, you can inform us of the type of products you are interested in, and we will put you in the priority when the product comes out.

    7. How do I know when new products are out in the market?

    We will launch our new products on our official Facebook page when it is available.

    8. If above FAQs don’t answer my question, who can I contact?

    You are welcome to send an email to our Zerolemon User Program team at



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