Portable Bluetooth Keyboard - Aluminum Alloy Balck [Shipping to US Only]

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Product Details

ZeroLemon Folding Keyboard

Quiet keystrokes. Premium aluminum alloy, touches so smooth and arenaceous.

Multi-point Touchpad
Maximally offers you a similar experience on a laptop keyboard.

Magnetic on/off
Appropriate force offered by Magnetic sticks the keyboard and the two retractable stands tightly but unfold them with ease. No worry about the looseness.

Two Retractable Stands
Simply pull retractable stands out to hold your iPad, iPhone or any other devices at a perfect angle. No bother to find something to put your smart devices again.


  • Weight:7.8 oz
  • Folding Size: 5.9"*3.4"*0.6"
  • Open Size: 10.9"*3.4"*0.3"
  • Charging Time: Less than 4 Hours
  • Lithium Battery Capacity: 210 mAh
  • Uninterrupted Working Time: 60+ Hours

Package Content:

  • 1X User Manual
  • 1X USB Charging Cable
  • 1X Zerolemon Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

The touchpad is not compatible with iOS system.
The output voltage and current of the power adapter cannot surpass DC5.0V, 500mA or the battery and keyboard will be damaged.

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