Google Pixel XL Battery Case 8500mAh

$59.99 $79.99


Product Details

  • The world's highest capacity Google Pixel XL Battery case @ 8500mAh.
  • With up to 170% extra battery life provided, just hold the power button for 3s and your phone will be powered up all day. It is the perfect partner for a business trip, vacation and road trip.
  • Optimized for Google Pixel XL: Specially designed for Google Pixel XL, all charging ports and features are lined up well. The circuit protection from the battery case will protect the phone from overcharging and overheating.
  • Power & Protection: More than extra power! Soft TPU protection case ensures a perfect fit with your Google Pixel and guards your phone against drops and hard falls.

Input and Charging Time

  • Charger to battery case: 5V/1.8A MAX
  • Battery case to phone: 5V/1.5A MAX
  • 7-8 Hours: Fully charge the extended battery case and the phone.
  • 3-4 Hours: Extended battery fully charges the phone when the phone is not in heavy use.

Note: This battery case doesn't support a quick charge.

For Optimal Use(IMPORTANT): Please use Google Pixel original charging cable and charger for optimal use and safety. Other chargers and cables may be not compatible and result in overheating.

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