WiFi Smart Led Light Bulb Silver - 1 Pack [Shipping to US Only]

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Product Details

  • Works with Alexa: ZeroLemon Wifi Smart Light Bulb works with Amazon Alexa, Echo Dot and Google Assistant to allow individual voice control, enables you to control the smart light bulb via your smart phone or tablet.
  • Smart Remote Control: Remotely control your light bulb anytime via free App wherever you are.
  • Timing schedule: ZeroLemon Wifi Smart Light Bulb supports timer scheduling , turn on and turn off the light automatically.
  • Multicolored Smart Bulb: Personalize your light through a color palette of over 16 million hues of color to control its brightness and tones. You can control any color from dark to bright.

Super Simple Setup

No hubs or controllers to connect, just screw in the bulb, download the free APP and you can remotely control the light.

Smart Controls with Alexa

ZeroLemon Wifi Smart Light Bulb works with Amazon Alexa to allow individual voice control.

Timer Function Support timer scheduling and scene setting, easliy customize your personal need.

Colors Settings

Personalize your lights according to your mood.

Saving energy

ZeroLemon WiFi Smart LED Bulbs have a lifetime of 20,000 hours and consumes just 7 watts

Group Bulbs

When you own over two smart bulbs, you can group them into different groups to manage

Sunrise &Sunset

Use the timer option to turn your smart bulb on or off at any time. Create awesome wakeup modes.


Item type: led light  /  Watts: 7w Lumen: 600LM

Cap type: E26  /  Voltage: AC : 175~255V

Wifi Router: 2.4GHz  /   Color temperature:2700~6000 k + RGB

Life time: 20000hrs

Package Contents

1 x ZeroLemon Wifi Smart Light Bulb

1 x ZeroLemon Warranty Card

1 x User Manual

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