LG G4 Battery Case 8500mAh

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Product Details

  • The world's highest capacity LG G4 battery @ 8500Mah. More than 2.75 times the original capacity & Slimmer than other manufacturer's extended batteries
  • Compatible with all LG G4 models. Largest capacity battery in the world guarantee
  • Patented design- patent #: USD70039s - the original innovator of the world's largest tricell extended battery
  • 180 days ZeroLemon guarantee; 24 hours / 7 days a week support; 100% zero defect guarantee.

World's highest capacity battery for LG G4 @ 8500mAh - 3 times the capacity of the original LG G4 Battery and 1 times more than other makers' LG G4 Extended Batteries.

ZeroLemon in house engineered the Full Edge Wrap TPU case to protect your phone - World's only manufacturer to integrate both back cover and case into one for an ultimate protection.


  • Must use included Soft Plastic TPU case with this battery
  • To charge the extended capacity of battery, please leave battery charging for 2-3 hours after 100% charge has bin reached.*Due to oversize capacity, phone will show the battery at 3% for a slightly prolonged period, this is normal behavior.
  • Actual battery life will vary depending on your specific hardware and software configurations and network conditions.

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