Zerolemon Galaxy Note 3 10000mah Extended Battery + ZeroShock Shockproof Rugged Case, including 10000mah Battery, Holster KickStand and Screen Protector

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Product Details

  • Compatible with all versions of Samsung Galaxy note 3.
  • Offers 3 layers of protection; Hard PC inside case; Wrap around TPU outside. Includes belt clip holster that also doubles as a kickstand.
  • The World's Largest Capacity Battery @ 10000mAh with NFC support. In order to achieve optimum usage, recommended initial charge time is 8-12hrs.
  • 180 days Zero Lemon Guarantee Warranty with Amazon 30 days full refund guarantee; 24 hours / 6 days a week support; 100% Zero Defect Promise.
  • Fits the Galaxy note 3 with ANY size battery, including ZeroLemon Tri-Cell Extended Battery.
  • UPC: 4897010512120

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