ZeroLemon Launches the Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S10 with Two Types of Battery Capacity, 5000mAh and 8000mAh

Posted on March 01 2019

ZeroLemon Launches the Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S10 with Two Types of Battery Capacity, 5000mAh and 8000mAh

“ZeroLemon launches a new battery case product. This battery case will help Samsung Galaxy S10 users get more time to use their phone”


ZeroLemon has launched two new products in the extended battery case category. They are the Galaxy S10 5000mAh and Galaxy S10 8000mAh battery case. Just like its name, these two new products are designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone.


The name of this product has implications for its main function. This is a Smartphone case that has the ability to charge smartphones in it. The power level of the product strength can also be found in its name.

For example, on the Galaxy S10 5000mAh battery case, there is a 5000mAH power storage that is ready to charge the S10 Smartphone in it. Therefore, this product can also be called a power bank.


“We know our customers only want the best. That's why we have 100% Zero Lemon Guarantee to make sure you are happy with our product.” – ZeroLemon


ZeroLemon gives more attention to these two new products, so they can fulfill what they stated above. For this reason, the company also provides several useful features in it.


-        Extend about 100% Power to Galaxy S10 – this feature allows S10 users to get 100% additional battery life for their phones. The extra battery installed in the case, which is a 5000mAh or 8000mAH battery can make it provide this extra life.

-        Full Edge Protection – the TPU case provides 360 degrees protection against scratches and other problems that can cause damage to the phone.

-        Sync Phone to Computer – the process of transferring data from mobile to computer and vice versa, can be done without removing the case.

-        Intelligent Power Indicator – The phone case is equipped with 4 LED lights that can indicate the battery level in the case.

-        Zero Defect Guarantee – ZeroLemon provides this guarantee to their customers who want to replace their ZeroLemon battery case, due to several problems. This is available for 365 days, which is a guarantee from ZeroLemon and a full 30-day refund from Amazon.


ZeroLemon has many different and innovative Smartphone cases that change the way people use their phones. These two new black phone cases are one of them. These products will help people to use their phones longer than before.


About ZeroLemon


ZeroLemon is a company created solely to make people enjoy their phones longer. Focusing on providing extra energy for the phones, this company has made many innovations. In addition to the battery casing, the company also created the Tri-Cell Battery Design, which can be considered as one of the best inventions in the industry.


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