ZeroLemon launches 10000mAh Extended Battery Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Posted on September 06 2017

ZeroLemon launches 10000mAh Extended Battery Case for iPhone 7 Plus


ZeroLemon launches a protection case for iPhone 7 Plus possessing extended battery life of 10000mAh. It also comes with a soft TPU allowing a full edge protection to the 5.5” screen.

With utmost strength and endurance to accommodate heavy falls, ZeroLemon comes out with a soft, but full-edged protective black case for iPhone 7 Plus battery. Be it the dying battery or a hard fall, the company covers all grounds.

ZeroLemon is releasing this product on June 1, 2017 on Amazon [iPhone 7 Plus 10000mAh charger case] with a decently prices at $62.99.

iPhone 7 Plus 10000mAh Battery Case + TPU - 3

Striking Product Features:
  • Provides Safety and Stability: The Classy Piano Black Case comes with triple protection cover to keep iPhone 7 Plus safe from hard falls. It comes with a 10000mAh extended battery strength allowing leisure time watching movies or a full-day uninterrupted talk time.
  • Chill During the Drill: Forget the boring wait, as the phone gets charged. ZeroLemon brings a battery case offering Quick Charge 2.0 Support, allowing a continuous iPhone to PC synchronization. The phone could then remain connected to a PC without the need to take the charging case off. This uniquely composed outer-shared charging capacity additionally permits charging of some other gadget all the while. Stunning!
  • When the Lights Shine Bright: The case comes with 4 LED indicators to reflect the battery status of the ever powerful 10000 mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery. Get ready for shining lights, with the 240% extra battery life. Wow!

Super Policy on Warranty:

For the advantage of every current and future iPhone 7 Plus users, ZeroLemon offers a 100% Zero Defect Guarantee. What's more, there is a 180-days Zero Lemon Warranty Guarantee and an extra full discount assurance of 30 days from Amazon. This accommodates the longest guarantee timeframe in the market, aside from a 24x7 client support.

About the company:

ZeroLemon is an established brand, when it comes to smartphone accessories manufacturing. Few smartphone enthusiasts has put the idea into perspective, aiming to bring more power and spirit to their devices. They went on to launch to the world, first Tri-Cell Battery Design. The design has since then culminated into the launch of various related accessories, keeping the core intact: the world’s highest capacity batteries. ZeroLemon’s focus lies only on the products that are used round the clock.

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