Zero Lemon Launches New Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case

Posted on August 24 2018

Zero Lemon Launches New Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case

This unique battery case provides Galaxy Note 9 phones with a full edge protection, an extended 90% battery life, and an intelligent power indicator.

23/08/18 – Renowned mobile phones’ extended batteries developers, Zero Lemon are proud to announce the release of their latest product; the new Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case. Famous for providing phone users with the best android and iPhone battery cases, Zero Lemon’s Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case is unlike anything the market has ever seen.

The New Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case is a powerful 5000mAh Li-polymer extended battery that extends the battery life of Galaxy Note 9 phones by 20-40 hours depending on the usage. This means a whooping additional 90% power to every Galaxy Note 9 phone that uses the battery case.

It also offers a 360 degrees full edge protection because of its soft TPU case and slim power. The battery case protects Galaxy Note 9 phones from scratches, wears and tears. If you are looking for the best protection for your Galaxy Note 9, Zero Lemon’s battery case is your best bet. It is also an upgrade on the previous battery cases that came with chins, as it comes in a chinless design that maintains the original length of the phone.  

Zero Lemon’s New Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case comes with 4 LED lights that serve as intelligent power indicators. The LED lights indicate the battery level and charging status of your Galaxy Note 9 phones. There is also an integrated button feature that allows you to choose when to charge especially when you need it most.

The Zero Lemon’s New Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case  is available now for pre-order with 2-week delivery, and can be ordered through this link

When you purchase, you would also receive a Zero Lemon Defect Card and an instructional manual.


About Zero Lemon

Zero Lemon is a company that specializes in the creation of extended batteries for android phones and iPhones. They are the creators of the world’s first Tri-cell battery design, and have applied it to all flagship smart phones to enable users enjoy very high capacity batteries.

For more information about them, go online to

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