The New ZeroLemon Battery Charging Case for Galaxy Note 9 Taking the Market by Storm

Posted on September 12 2018

The New ZeroLemon Battery Charging Case for Galaxy Note 9 Taking the Market by Storm

ZeroLemon’s Galaxy Note 9 Battery Charging Case is an extended rechargeable battery rugged case with a full edge protection and a guaranteed extra 10000mAh power for every Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phones.

7/9/18 - Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is a technical marvel of a machine. It combines the raw power, drop-dead good looks, and a stunning dual-aperture camera that’s blowing the socks off everyone who dares look at it. But if there’s one thing we’re not sure about, it’s the battery size. A 4,000mAh battery capacity isn’t small, but we’ve found it can struggle to hit a full day quite often.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to remedy that problem; the new ZeroLemon’s Battery Charging Case cases that offer all the protective options of a good case, but also pack in an extra battery that’s able to extend your phone’s battery life.

This battery case is shockproof, comes in black, has a powerful 10000mAh battery, offers triple protection, has an intelligent power indicator, and can synchronize your phone to your computer.

ZeroLemon is well known for supplying  good value battery cases, and this one is no different. 10000mAh of extra power offers around 80 hours of extra talk time or 40 hours of extra video time, with the battery indicator on the rear side so you know when it’s time to charge back up. The indicator also functions as an on-off switch, so you can choose when you want the case to kick in, and it works well as a protective case too, with a strong build and raised bezel to protect the edges of your phone.

This rugged battery case offers full edge protection, protecting your Galaxy Note 9 from scratches and other daily wears and tears. You can feel confident with this phone case that delivers reliable protection all day. It also allows file transfer from your phone to your computer, and you would not need to take the battery case off when transferring data between Galaxy Note 9 and a computer. What’s more, this case also support passthrough quickcharge to your Note 9!

In all, this case is too good a case to pass by, and is available for purchase on Amazon, via

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