ZeroLemon Launched Innovative Battery Charging Case for LG V40 ThinQ Smartphone


Posted on January 07 2019

<p><strong>ZeroLemon Launched Innovative Battery Charging Case for LG V40 ThinQ Smartphone</strong></p> <p><strong> </strong></p>

ZeroLemon new phone case for LG V40 ThinQ has the ability to provide extra charging for the phone. Now, the LG V40 ThinQ doesn’t need to worry about running out the battery.”


ZeroLemon has launched a new battery charging case. This product is LG V40 ThinQ Battery Charging Case. As its name implied, this product is specially made for LG V40 Smartphone. From the specification that this phone case has, this case can do many things, plus it also includes many features for different functionalities.


“Keep your phone all day alive – ZeroLemon”


ZeroLemon Slim Power 5200mAh Extended Battery with Soft TPU Full Edge Protection Case for LG V40 ThinQ provides extra energy for the phone. The phone case act as the extended battery for LG V40 ThinQ phone. Other than that main function, ZeroLemon also adds many features to this product, such as:


  • Extend 100%+ Power – the main feature, which provides 110% extra energy for LG V40 ThinQ phone. It is similar to power bank function.
  • Full Edge Protection – this product is a phone case product, therefore it has protection feature. The Full Edge Protection protects the phone from scratches and other factors that can cause small damage to the phone.
  • Upgraded Chinless Design – with this new design, there is no more Chin part on the phone case.
  • Intelligent Power Indicator – the phone case comes with 4 LED lights that can tell the battery level of the phone and this battery phone case. This lights also tell the charging status when the charging feature was activated. The phone case is also equipped with a button that can be used to initiate the charging process.
  • Zero Defect Guarantee – this is the warranty from ZeroLemon. This warranty protects the customer for 365 after purchasing this product. The Amazon 30 days Full Refund Guarantee is also applied for the purchase from the Amazon online store, plus the Lifetime Customer Support from ZeroLemon.


ZeroLemon battery charging case is one of the solutions for people who use the phone a lot and move to many places. It provides extra life that can make the phone is still usable for a certain period of time. This product can be bought from Amazon online store. For more information about the product, please visit


About ZeroLemon

ZeroLemon LLC is a company that produces and provides tri-cell batteries for Smartphone. The battery charging case is one of their innovative products, which is developed from their main product. This company is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They sell their product through the online store or reseller store.


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