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13 March 2017 – ZeroLemon Launches 5000mAh Slim Juicer Protective Case with Extended Battery for iPhone 7 Plus

23 January 2017 – ZeroLemon Announces The Launch Of iMemStick 3.0 64-GB USB Flash Drive for iPhones

21 January 2017 – ZeroLemon Announces the Launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active 8500mAh and Samsung Galaxy S6 8500mAh Battery Cases

18 January 2017 – ZeroLemon Launches the Exclusive HTC 10 8500mAh Extended Charger Case

5 July 2016 – ZeroLemon Launches Google Huawei Nexus 6P High Capacity 8500mah Rugged Battery Case

20 June 2016 – ZeroLemon Launches ToughJuice 30000mAh USB-C/Type-C Dual Layer Rugged External Battery/Portable Charger and 4-Port 54W Type C/USB C Removable Travel Adapter Power Wall Charger

10 June 2016 – ZeroLemon Launches Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 8500mAh and Samsung Galaxy S7 7500mAh Battery Cases

27 Jan.2016 — ZeroLemon Launches the 8500mAh Extended Charger Case for the Galaxy Note 5

21 Dec.2015 — ZeroLemon Launches the iMemStick flash drive with Lightning and USB connectors

12 Dec.2015 — ZeroLemon Launches the 3500mAh Slim Power Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

11 Dec.2015 — ZeroLemon launches the 3500mAh Slim Power Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

17 Sept.2015 — ZeroLemon Launches 9000mAh Extended Battery for Note Edge


08 Sept.2015 — ZeroLemon Launches Nexus 6 3500 mAh Smartphone Battery Case

10 April 2015 — ZeroLemon Galaxy S6 2800mAh Slim Power Battery Case Available on 15 April 2015

15 April 2015 — Chance to review ZeroLemon Galaxy S6 3500mAh Silm Power Battery case

21 April 2015 — ZeroLemon Announces Release of 3500mAh Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge