ZeroLemon Launches the Exclusive HTC 10 8500mAh Extended Charger Case


ZeroLemon announces the launch of its exclusive 8500mAh charger case for HTC 10 with the Silica Gel that provides full edge protection and is compatible with all the variants of HTC 10.
With the influx of technology, gadgets are undergoing transformation and getting newer looks and some Smartphone accessories too. Many companies provide charger banks or power backup to help the batteries function for a long time. Therefore, the popular company ZeroLemon is back with its exclusive collection of the charger case that works for the extendable period. The product HTC10 battery case with 8500mAh and Silica Full Protection is set to be launched on Amazon on January 18th, 2017 at an introductory price of $59.99 [Link……] . According to the experts of the company, it extends the battery life to 190% and users can use the Smartphone for a longer period.

Y1048 HTC 10 8500mAh Battery Case

Features of ZeroLemon Battery Case

The company experts are optimistic about the product as they are of the view that the customers will benefit with the battery case. ZeroLemon has manufactured the product considering specific requirements of the users who are in need of better battery life and for the long run.
The users of HTC10 will feel happy using this product as they can check out various specifications on their own with this product link. [Link……]

The gadgets’ freaks will definitely like this product from ZeroLemon because it fulfills the demands of the users, which they want from a battery charger case that provides full security too.

About ZeroLemon
ZeroLemon is a smartphone accessories manufacturer specializing in high capacity smartphone batteries and battery Case for iPhone 6/6s and Galaxy phones. ZeroLemon was created by a handful of smartphone enthusiasts who wanted more power with their phones. They created the world’s first Tri-Cell Battery Design and apply it to all flagship smartphones so that users around the world can enjoy the world’s highest capacity battery. Unlike other manufacturers, the company focuses on only creating products that customers will be using around the clock.

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