The Power of Tri-Cell

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 What do you get when you start living with ZeroLemon? Well, besides a smartphone powered up with one of  our high capacity batteries and protective case, you have the freedom to act on the sporadic opportunities life  throws your way. Snowboarding at Lake Tahoe? Let’s go.


The ZeroLemon Tri-Cell Extended Battery was the first of its kind, created for people who wanted more life out  of their smartphones. Once the battery was applied to all flagship smartphones, the old saying, “bigger is  better,” took a new meaning as the average smartphone became a force of nature.


With normal to heavy use, a regular battery can dip below 50% battery around lunch. By the end of the work  day a full charge would be required before heading out for the night. Every ZeroLemon battery guarantees 3x  the power of the original.


For the average user, that means they can go a few days without ever charging their phone. A heavy user, who already goes about their day on a re-charge schedule, should be able to go a full day without having to re-charge.


See how one of our users used his Galaxy S3 7000mAH Battery to power through a weekend snowboarding trip at Lake Tahoe!


Just confirmed this is truly the monster I’ve been looking for!

I got ready for my weekend snowboard trip at Lake Tahoe from San Francisco.


Unplug my phone at 5pm

At 7pm drive up to Tahoe City for 4 and a half hours with medium brightness and GPS on the whole time. (made a quick pitstop at walmart )Reached Tahoe City at 11:45. Phone is at 70%

Didn’t not charge at all overnight



Went to snowboarding with GPS on again to Alpine Meadows which is 20 mins away

Went snowboarding all day while listening to music. Reception on top of mountain is a bit weak so may have worked the battery a bit. took lunch break and whatsapp some friends.

Turned on my wifi and start browing internet for a bit in hotel. Forgot to turn it off in between

Did not charge overnight



Went to snowboarding with GPS on heading towards Squaw Valley

took a longer break this time and start browsing anandtech and for around 30 mins

Headed back to San Francisco which takes another 4 and a half hour with medium brightness and gps on. (made a quick stop for dinner in between)

Did not charge at all overnight



Return my rental car and used GPS again at medium brightness.



-Battery finally finished by 12pm with 2d 16h 32m total use

– 13h 33m screen time on the battery at medium brightness (I set it back to medium brightness even when the battery is at critical level)

– GPS on for 10h and 36m


This guy knows how to live!
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