Summer Concerts with ZeroLemon

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 It’s the biggest event of the summer and you snagged the perfect front row seats. Your favorite  artist  will be close enough to touch your hand in less than five minutes. The crisp cool breeze feels  amazing compared to the warm summer air and you’re feeling really good about where the night is  going. The drinks are flowing and you and your friends have been taking front row selfies since  you  arrived.

Before the show starts your group wants to grab some official concert gear, so you all head up the  stairs. Before you know it the sea of people has spread everyone apart. Grabbing for your phone, f  frantically you realize you forgot to charge it on the way over and your battery died after the photo  session. How are you going to reunite with your friends, let alone take a pictures during the show?

Losing familiarity in a new place can be overwhelming, especially if you have no form of communication. Original battery capacity doesn’t have enough juice to last all day with high usage.

Your phone is essentially your life. It helps you with navigation, captures all of the memorable moments, reminds you of important events, and even lets you share all of those things via social media. You deserve a battery that’s even more amazing as the phone that needs it.

ZeroLemon has high capacity batteries that can withstand all of the selfies, social media alerts, and video recordings of your favorite artists non-stop. So when the excitement is over, your battery is still going strong.

Experience your summertime concert as you were meant to, and live your adventure.

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