ZeroLemon LG Optimus G Pro 1x 3150mAh Battery + World’s Fastest Battery Charger with USB charge port

  • True 3150mAh Battery in the market / Compatible with AT&T and International Optimus G Pro
  • Largest Capacity Original Sized Battery in the World Guaranteed
  • Includes: 1x battery / 1 user manual
  • In House Proprietary Battery Design to maximize your battery capacity
  • 180 days Zero Lemon Warranty Guarantee with Amazon 30 days Full Refund Guarantee; Longest warranty period in market; 24 hours / 6 days a week support; 100% Zero Defect Guarantee
  • Case Demension:3.28*2.24*0.19 inches

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Product Description


Highest capacity Optimus G Pro slim battery in the market @ 3150mAh capacity-

180 days warranty with our 100% ZeroLemon (Defect) Promise

Whether you are on the road or on the plane, you will always need that extra power for your phone. ZeroLemon brings you the highest capacity Optimus G Pro 3150mAh slim battery while keeping your slim phone profile. You can use all your original cases and not have to worry about any extended sizes anymore.

*Actual battery life will vary depending on your hardware and software configurations and network conditions.