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iPhone 6/6s Battery Case [Apple MFi Certified], ZeroLemon 3100mAh Slim Juicer Double Layer Extended Battery Charging Case for iPhone 6/6s 4.7″ , (Fits All mobile carriers of iPhone 6/6s – Lightning Connector Output, MicroUSB Input)-Black

  • State of the art Design. Increase battery life by additional 170%
  • Black Color Full Protection Construction built to endure hard drops & heavy shocks.
  • MicroUSB Charging Cable + Audio Extender Cable Included.
  • Slim Profile Battery Case to keep your iPhone stylish while provide 1 full charge.
  • Direct iPhone<>Computer Sync Through file transfer technology supported.
  • 365 days Zero Lemon Guarantee Warranty with Amazon 30 days Full Refund Guarantee; Longest warranty period in market; 24 hours / 6 days a week support; 100% Zero Defect Guarantee.
  • Case Dimension: 6.01×2.79× 0.61 inches
  • Weight: 210g
  • Y Sku: Y610
  • UPC: 4897010516388

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iPhone 6 3100mAh Battery Case Instruction Manual: Click to Download

Product Description


ZeroLemon Slim Juicer Battery Case increases the life span of your iPhone 6/6s Battery by 170%. This is achieved while maintaining a slim profile case with minimum added bulk. Basically, its the best of both worlds

ZeroLemon in house engineered Slim Juice Battery Case is designed with the professional in mind. The extended battery life is created with minimal bulk and maintains the sleek curves and feel of the iPhone.

Your iPhone is an expensive investment and you will want to have this protected with the most reliable case. The Slim Juicer comes with great protection to take on the small bumps and the hard impact shocks of daily life. The battery case comes with sync through technology that allows direct data connection between your iPhone and computer for files and iTunes content transfer.

Package Contents: *ZeroLemon Slim Juicer Battery Case 3100mAH for Apple iPhone 6/6s
*Charging Cable
*30 Day money Back Guarantee, No questions asked return policy.
*12 month ZeroLemon Defect Promise.
*Actual battery life will vary depending on your hardware and software configurations and network conditions.


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    iPhone 6/6s Battery Case [Apple MFi Certified], ZeroLemon 3100mAh Slim Juicer Double Layer Extended Battery Charging Case for iPhone 6/6s 4.7