Q1. How can I tell when my ZeroLemon cell phone battery is fully charged?

We recommend that you leave your phone plugged in for an additional half an hour after it displays as “fully charged”. Many phones display 100% charge when they are actually only at 90%. The extra half an hour of charge time helps alleviate this issue, and ensures your battery is at full capacity.

Q2. How can I know if an ZeroLemon cell phone is compatible with my phone or not?

We offer detailed model descriptions, and lists of compatible phones/devices, on every website on which our products are sold. We highly recommend that you carefully check this information before ordering any of our products.

Q3. How do I install ZeroLemon Batteries and Cases to my phone?
Please refer to below youtube links for detailed instructions:

Q4. Why it shows “invalid battery” when installing my Lg G3 9000mAh extended battery? How to fix it?

Please refer to this video for resolution:

Q5. Instruction Manual for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 10000mAh extended battery with rugged case.

Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 10000mAh extended battery with rugged case-instruction manual

Q6. How do I perform full charge on my ZeroLemon Galaxy Note 4 10000mah Extended battery?


Step 5: Dont’ stop charging even it shows 100% charged. Fully charge performed when it only shows words like “Fully Charged”.