5 Must Haves For Your City Adventure

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One of the best ways to #liveyouradventure this summer is to get out and explore your own city. Whether big or small, there is plenty you haven’t seen and much to be discovered. Take these five items with you and you’ll be set to explore from dawn till dusk.



1. ZeroLemon Powered Smartphone

The most important item of the bunch! The maximized battery will keep you and your phone going all day long. Use the GPS to get around, take pictures with the camera, check-in at new places, and look up recommendations without worrying about running out of battery!

2. ReusableWater Bottle

Hey, it’s summer and it can get hot outside! You need to stay hydrated to keep your energy up to explore all day long. Water is usually free so why spend the money when you don’t need to.

3. Backpack

To hold your water bottle and souvenirs you’ll pick up at the interesting shops and museums you’ll be visiting, of course.

4. Public Transport Day Pass

If you live in a larger city, getting everywhere on foot will not be easy. Most cities with public transportation systems offer a day pass with unlimited rides at a flat rate.

5. An Open Mind

Remember, you’re on an adventure! Don’t limit yourself from what you can experience. You should say yes to every opportunity that comes your way and always take the road less traveled.

For more information about ZeroLemon and our batteries visit www.zerolemon.com.

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